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About Us

We are a leading clinic specialising in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease in children. We are are conveniently located across multiple clinic locations.  Our principle allergy doctor is Professor George du Toit. Our team includes Specialist Allergy Nurses and Dietitians and is backed up by a professional, efficient and friendly management team.  We deal with food allergies and aero-allergies and the diseases they cause e.g. asthma, hay-fever, eczema. Professor du Toit also has a special interest in drug allergies and chronic urticaria (hives).    


Allergy Tests

There are only two scientifically validated allergy tests for the investigation of IgE-mediated food allergy; the Skin Prick Test (SPT) and Specific-IgE antibody testing (previously called RAST testing, now called Immuno-Cap Testing). Prof Du Toit makes use of both these validated tests as well as the recent ISAC testing and IgE component testing. if these tests result in an equivocal outcome, we will undertake oral challenge tests (which is the gold standard diagnostic test). 

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Immunotherapy is the practice of administering gradually increasing doses of an allergen extract (e.g. pollen) in order to reduce the symptoms of hayfever or asthma that it causes. It was first carried out almost 100 years ago and is now in widespread use around the world. We are now also increasingly offering immunotherapy for the treatment of food allergy. This involves administering small increments of a food allergen using a set regimen. Current evidence suggests that this is not curative and that ongoing consumption, possibly for life, may be required if tolerance isto be maintained.