Fantastic doctor
Excellent doctor, very attentive
Very good
Brilliant hospital and very good doctor
The doctor was extremely personable and my daughter liked his manner and was completely as ease. He offered comfort, humour and resassurance of her condition
Dr du Toit was wonderful with all of us
Doctor listened very carefully, very attentive, shoed interest in my observations and helped us to find out what my daughter was allergic to. Very kind and respectful - very useful/helpful consultation.
Dr du Toit is great but does speak quickly. If he could slow down at time, it would be appreciated.
Dr du Toit is a fantastic specialist, my son and I both very much respect and value his expertise. We have seen many doctors over the years and dr du toit is one of those special doctors that can really make a difference in a person’s life.
Dr. Du Toit is the best doctor we have found since moving to the UK. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he was also very personable. He was extremely helpful and even offered insight and advice about our other child who is not a patient.
— Anon, via practice survey
Dr Du Toit is an exceptionally friendly, pro-active, caring doctor, unlike any we’ve ever met before. He actively takes an interest in his patients’ health, following up by phone and email on our son’s health. He’s very open to questions during the appointment, and even after, and makes a real effort to not only listen but to try and address the issue even if it’s not strictly allergy related (such as our son’s severe eczema and reflux). Even though we had to pay our selves for the appointment we think it was money very well spent and would do it again if we had to.
— Anon, via practice survey
Our experience was outstanding due to Dr du Toit and his genuine interest and concern in our problem. He seems committed to helping us, and we really felt he was more invested than anyone else we have seen over the years.
— Anon, via practice survey
Dr Du Toit listens to the problem and was extremely personable as well as commanding confidence. He spoke to my daughter directly rather than to me (which is great) and really seemed to care about her wellbeing. We are so pleased to have found him.
— Anon, via practice survey
I take this opportunity to thank you again for your thorough examination of my daughter last month, as well as your and your staff’s kindness with her: the visit and the tests were a thoroughly positive experience for her, and she has been playing allergologist with her friends over the Christmas break, giving them (pretend) skin prick tests, measuring results, explaining what to do in case of allergic reactions, etc. etc. Very sweet and as cheerful a reaction to the whole experience as one could hope for. Finally, we have received your full report, which is again very thorough and extremely helpful for future guidance.
— Mr I, London
I really appreciate all your help and the wonderful attitude of all your staff, whom me met. I know that you see people all the time with the most horrendous allergies, so feel very petty with our minor issues in comparison...however, I am so pleased that my children have been checked so thoroughly and that we now have peace of mind.
— Mrs S, Essex
I cannot thank you all enough. Not only for the excellent and prompt care - but the responsiveness and consideration of your practice in general. I know how hard it is to respond and prioritise - many thanks for making this as easy for us as possible.
— Mrs S. London
It was a pleasure to have Dr George du Toit advise us on the safest and most nutritious way in which to wean our young son who suffers with severe eczema and food allergies.
— Ms O. London
I received Dr Du Toit’s letter/diagnosis today and was happy with how thorough it was.
— Mrs M, London
I just wanted to write to tell Linda Irwin how WONDERFUL she is. It is remarkable how happy my son is to get stuck with pins and needles, and it’s all down to her remarkable manner and skill. The same goes for Dr du Toit — who is caring, funny and very informative — but doesn’t have to draw blood!...
— Mrs M, North London
This clinic provides the kind of friendly and proactive allergy service our family has been searching for.
— Mrs S, London
Thank you so much for referring us urgently to your Dietitian, she accommodated us in her lunch time and has really helped us with nutrition planning and management
— Mrs S, Mumbai, India

Referring Doctors

An efficient and knowledgeable service.
— Dr S Mohammed, GP, Central London
I have had no hesitation in referring complex allergy cases to George in London and always look forward to his detailed clinical summaries.
— Dr William vd Merwe, Consultant Paediatrician with Interest in Allergy, Isle of Mann

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