Note, this advice only applies to patients under the care of Dr Du Toit and is not generic allergy advice.

  • A detailed clinical summary will be issued; your GP or referring consultant/s will receive a copy of the same report. 
  • A follow up appointment may be required; this will be to discuss any questions that may arise after your first appointment. Any blood results could also then be discussed in detail. You could attend this appointment on your own if you wish. Please call Lynn to set up a convenient time slot and clinic location. 
  • Depending on the complexity of the diagnosis, you may require additional information - the list below details some of the common conditions we deal with.  
  • For additional support please join the UK Anaphylaxis Camp (see advice for newly diagnosed) & USA FARE (see advice for newly diagnosed)
  • Information on Oral Food or Drug Challenges

Food Allergy 

Dr Du Toit may have made a diagnosis for you/your child; if so, please now read specific information relating to that allergen 

Allergic Diagnosis

Your summary may also refer to certain allergic diseases, herewith more information on same:

Additional resources for the newly diagnosed food allergic family