What Happens During a Typical Appointment?

Appointments typically last around 60 minutes

Our usual clinic routine is as follows: 

  • Completion of booking documentation and registration

  • Measurement of height and weight (unless recently reliably performed).

  • After a clinical history which is initially nurse-led, a Skin prick test will be performed by a specialist allergy nurse, this will be followed by a Lung function Test (if indicated).

  • Consultation with Dr Du Toit will entail:

    • Additional history

    • Physical examination

    • Interpretation of skin prick test results

    • Discussion of diagnosis, and possible differential diagnoses

    • Advise on dietary modification (dietary avoidance and expansion)

    • Advise on environmental modifications, if indicated.

    • Script and discuss proposed medications, and emergency plan

    • Training to identify, and treat, allergic reactions

    • Additional educational material will be provided

    • If indicated, ref on to a Specialist Paediatric Allergy Dietitian

  • Blood testing (if required; we will always offer Local Anaesthetic cream prior to this, the Lab (TDL or HCA) will charge separately for this, please make sure you are covered before testing is undertaken)

  • A detailed summary will then be generated which will reach the referring Dr and you within 14 days. Please let the practice know if you would prefer that the consultation summary did not travel by email.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Allergy Appointment

  • Please ensure you are certain of your appointment time and the location of the clinic you are attending (feel free to arrive a little early to complete documentation).

  • You will need to register on site and will require your Insurance details and GP Details to do this. There are also GDPR requirements that need to be met, so an early arrival for your appointment is wise.

  • Please stop anti-histamine medications at least 2 days prior to your appointment.

    • Other medicines such as asthma medicines and antibiotics will not interfere with Allergy testing.

    • If antihistamines cannot be stopped, Dr Du Toit will still be able to perform IgE Allergy testing.

  • Please take time to think carefully about events surrounding your/your child's medical concern/s.

  • Make a list of questions you would like answered - bring along:

    • Digital images, respiratory sound clips, video clips

    • Referral letters

    • Hospital Discharge notes of past allergy 'episodes'

    • Content lists of processed foods that may have caused a reaction

  • If you suspect that a food may be associated with your/your child's symptoms, please ensure that we offer the test for this particular food. Our available test extracts for skin testing, including the following. If we do not offer the test for the particular food you are concerned about, please bring a small specimen of this food to clinic (no more than 3 specimens), this will facilitate testing.

  • You may also wish to bring along the following:

    • If you or your child carries an Epipen, JEXT or Emerade, please bring along any expired devices so that we can train you to use them.

    • To help reduce any anxiety, please feel free to bring along favoured distractions or comforters, for example a teddy bear, comfort blanket, toy, Ipad, DVD or other electronic gizmo's.

What are the fees and how do I pay?

Please establish the likely costs of your appointment from the Practice Manager - prior to attending. 

If you do not have an Insurance Approval number for the appointment we will require credit card details before you attend the appointment (this facilitates rapid secure payment and allows our staff to get on with medical matters as opposed to dealing with administration). 

Fees are typically charged for:

  • Consultation (different rates apply for New and Follow-up Appointments)

  • Skin Prick Testing

  • Blood Tests; TDL-Doctors Laboratory will issue a separate invoice; these tests can be costly so please ensure you are covered for this.

  • There is a small administration fee charged for repeat prescriptions


  • Lung Function Testing - when required e.g. asthma, rhinitis, immunotherapy undertaken, one or both of the following tests will be used to measure lung obstruction/inflammation:

    • Spirometry, i.e. blowing into a machine and/or

    • Nitric Oxide measurement in exhaled breath

  • Supervised-incremental Oral Food or Drug Challenges

Payment  methods accepted

  • If you are covered by medical insurance please see below.

  • By credit or debit card: Call 07754050303 to make a secure payment over the phone by debit or credit card - please note card machines are not available at the clinic sites.

  • By BACS transfer from your bank: The banking details are GDT Allergy Consulting Ltd, sort-code 23-05-80, account number 19280802

  • Cash: Sterling only, payment will be on the day of the clinic please and a receipt will be issued by the office.

  • By cheque: Make cheque payable to GDT Allergy Consulting Ltd and send accounts to Accounts Department 227 The Fairway, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 0SN


Medical Insurance registration details

Dr Du Toit is registered with all major insurers. Insurers will generally cover an initial appointment as well as a follow up appointment for a single condition. When calling for approval, please quote the appropriate provider number (listed below).  Alternatively, say you will be seeing Dr George Du Toit whose full name on the Medical Register is Dr Lionel George Du Toit GMC Number 4088709. i.e. if the tel. operator does not find Dr Du Toit under the name 'George', they should search for him under the name 'Lionel'.


  • Dr Du Toit's BUPA Provider Number 04088709 - Fee approved

  • Dr Du Toit's AXA-PPP Provider Number LDOO685 - Fee Approved

  • Dr Du Toit's WPA Provider Number 4279780

  • Dr Du Toit's CIGNA Provider Number is 131621

  • Dr Du Toit is also registered with Allianz, and Norwich Union

  • Dr Du Toit's Standard Life Healthcare provider number is the GMC number ie 4088709

In all circumstances, responsibility for payment of the consultation rests ultimately with the patient. Should any sponsorship or guarantee fail, or insurance claim be declined in whole or in part, the patient will be required to pay the outstanding balance in full.


GP referrals account for the majority of patients seen by Dr Du Toit. Referrals to the practice also typically come from other specialists in the disciplines of Dermatology, Ear Nose and Throat Medicine, Dietetics, Gastroenterology, Anaesthetists and Respiratory medicine physicians. Self-paying self-referrals are occasionally seen.

Most UK-based medical insurers will require that your GP provide a referral letter. We will always try our best to accommodate urgent referrals.    

Accredited Embassies - We see patients sponsored by an accredited embassy, for example, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, USA, and Australia, or those who provide a current letter of guarantee addressed to Dr G Du Toit. The letter should state the patient's name, treatments covered and the appointment date.

Remote Consultations

Dr du Toit is able to undertake remote consultations, usually via Skype. After the initial consultation, if allergy testing is required, this will need to be undertaken locally at a 'willing' Lab that undertakes IgE testing using the Immuno-Cap system. 

Dr Du Toit will then feed back to you with the results and will issue a summary.